From our location, you have access to both bus and train. If you are a university student, there fares are exempted considering you have your semester ticket and a valid photo ID.

Please use the tabs below to choose your preferred mode of transportation.

There is a bus stop right beside the house. The stop name is Lohner Höhe, Bad Sassendorf.

The following buses are there almost approximately every 30-40 minutes. To be sure please use the Deutsche Bahn App, where you will get the updated information on all routes.

From Haus Boehm to Soest 

Bus R81

Bus R49

Both of these buses goes directly to Soest.

From Haus Boehm To University:

R 49 – With this bus you can get off directly at the “Fachhochschule”(University) Bus stop. However our tip is to get off at Bus Stop named “Tomätor”, and from there it’s less than 10 minutes walk to the campus.

R 81 – This bus follows the same route as the other bus (R49). Our suggestion is to get off at “Tomätor” and walk rest of the way.

If you get off at “Tomätor”, the complete journey should take less than 30 min.

In Short (For Both R49 & R81)

Lohner Höhe, Bad Sassendorf —–> Tomätor, Soest 


From University to Haus Boehm:

Google Maps and Deutsche Bahn app will recommend taking the bus from the stop “fachhochschule” (University), we would however suggest you to take the bus from the stop named “windmülenweg”. Not only is it the same distance from the University as the other station, taking the bus from there would get you directly home in less than 20 Min.

In Short (For Both R49 & R81):

Windmülenweg, Soest —–> Lohner Höhe, Bad Sassendorf


Please go to to check out the latest bus schedule.

The train station is around 12 walk from the house. To get to Soest train station, it only takes 3 minutes. Your semester ticket is also valid for this train.

The train connection to look for:

Bad Sassendorf —-> Soest